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Fair Housing For All.

The Kentucky Fair Housing Council is a civil rights agency that investigates complaints of housing discrimination throughout the state. We are a nonprofit organization, and all of the legal representation and advocacy services we provide to clients are free.


To learn more about what types of discrimination we investigate, visit our Fair Housing Info section.


If you have experienced discrimination in your search for a home, homeowners or renters insurance, buying a home, or mortgage financing, call the Kentucky Fair Housing Council at (859) 971-8067.


It’s Your Right. Use It.

The Kentucky Fair Housing Council does not charge for its services. If you have experienced discrimination in your search for a rental home, purchasing a home, applying for homeowners or renters insurance, or mortgage financing, please call us at (859) 971-8067. Or, click the button below to email us.


It’s Not Just Our Mission, It’s The Law.

The Kentucky Fair Housing Council is a full-service, civil rights agency committed to eradicating discrimination in housing. The Fair Housing Council enforces the federal Fair Housing Act, the Kentucky Fair Housing Act, and the local fair housing ordinances (where applicable).

The People Fighting For You.

Board of Directors.

Teresa A. Isaac, Chair

Josh Fain, Vice-Chair

Elisa Bruce

Robby Morton

Thalethia Routt

Jessica White

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